How YouTube's Home Screen Works (YouTube Tips)

Welcome to this series of videos about how YouTube's search and discovery system works.

In this one, we're taking a look at the Home screen.

Home is simple.

It's what you see when you first open the YouTube app or visit

It's the one-stop destination for YouTube and our personalized best guess at what each viewer may want to watch.

We show a variety here including videos that are new, watched by similar viewers or from your subscriptions.

Keep in mind that not all videos from your subscriptions show up on Home.

Rather, they can all be found on your Subscriptions tab which we'll talk about in another video.

On Home, the selection of videos is based on two things.

Performance, or how well a video has engaged and satisfied similar viewers as well as personalization, based on a viewer's watch and search history.

Personalization includes how much the viewer watches a channel or topic and how many times we've already shown each video to the viewer.

To get your videos to show up on Home it's helpful to upload on a consistent basis keep viewers engaged and keep making what works.

When you create something that's working for your audience keep at it, since we try to surface more of what your audience likes.

Definitely don't be afraid to experiment but do so mindfully, observing feedback from your audience and maybe giving them time to adjust.

All right, that's the Home screen.

But what about that Trending tab? Click here to watch the next video on Trending or click the other box and learn about suggested videos.

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