❓ What are courses to be explored?
💡 ReanCourse provides variety of courses and formats for different level of learners. Anyone speaks English can learn it.

❓ What is ReanCourse.com? What is special about ReanCourse?
💡 ReanCourse is a membership based educational website follows KISS (Keep It So Simple) principle providing straightforward tutorials for independent learners to learn anything fast and easy.

No annoying ads, variety of practical courses from art to cybersecurity (from newbie to Intermediate level), any formats for every learners (Audio, Video, Text, Photo)

❓ What tools do I need to access ReanCourse.com?
💡 ReanCourse is a web-based; all you need is a smart phone or a laptop with Internet connection.

❓ Does ReanCourse collect / sell my personal data?
💡 No, we do not collect or sell any personal information (name, gender, birthday, bank account...). Only Gmail address is requested in order us to add you to our membership list. Your Gmail account and how you use its services are between you and Google's terms and conditions, not ReanCourse.com.

❓ Is it free or paid for membership?
💡 ReanCourse is a membership based educational website where you pay for membership monthly (USD29.95) or annually (USD 299.00) (USD 359.40), saved USD 60.40.
However, Blog is where you can find Free contents on tips, tricks and how to stuff.

❓ How do I pay for membership?
💡 It is very straightforward to register for membership with ReanCourse.com
1. You will need a Gmail account
2. Pay membership fee
3. Done!

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