How to Upgrade SSD and RAM for ASUS Laptop (with Video)

How to Upgrade SSD and RAM for ASUS Laptop (with Video)


(Model in the video: ASUS TP500LN)

1. Remove Battery

2. Remove Cover

3. Replace HDD to SSD, RAM

(RAM: Up to 16GB DDR3L 1600 MHz)

(SSD: Samsung EVO 860, 500GB)

4. Place everything back, done!


How to Upgrade RAM

1. Always use those from the same manufacturer


Slot 1: DDR3L Samsung 8GB 1600 MHz

Slot 2: DDR3L Samsung 8GB 1600 MHz

2. Maxing Dual Slot with same capacity is recommended.


16GB Max = 2 x 8GB RAM is better than 1 x 16GB while the other slot is empty.

*Note: Mixing Brand and Capacity might be operatable but it may reduce performance.

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