How to Type French Accents on iPhone, Android Phone (with Video)

How to Type French Accents on iPhone, Android Phone (with Video)

Hi guys!
Today I am going to show you how to type French on iPhone and Android phone.

The tutorial is very straightforward with following steps.
Step 1. Download Google Keyboard from PlayStore or AppStore
Step 2. We'll explore how to customize the keyboard
Step 3. We'll start typing.

Step 1
Go to PlayStore or AppStore
Search “Google Keyboard” by Google LLC

Step 2
Go to Settings
Then go to Languages
Then select Languages
Select “Add Keyboard”
Search for “French”
Then Select French for France
Select Q.W.E.R.T.Y. Keyboard Layout as it is more convenient to type English and French at the same time.
You might disable Multilingual typing option.
You will find installed Keyboard listed here.

Step 3
Before start typing, you should change Keyboard to type if you have more than one keyboards.
Please select French for France to type.
To change keyboard, please select "Global" icon as shown in number 1.

Don't worry about finding French accent when typing.
Just type as plain word and use suggestion as shown in number 2.

Thank you for watching and happy learning.
Have a nice day!

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