How YouTube Notifications Work (YouTube Tips)

Welcome to this series of videos about how YouTube's search and discovery system works.

In this one we're talking about notifications.

Notifications are alerts sent to subscribers of a channel when a new video is made public.

They can be sent as mobile push alerts or emails.

Notifications tend to kick start early traffic to your new uploads but they don't necessarily drive the bulk of views in the long run.

By default, YouTube only sends occasional notifications from the channels you watch a lot, or those you're subscribed to.

If subscribers want to get notifications every time you make a new video public they can tap the bell icon next to the Subscribe button.

The best way for you to understand how notifications work is by subscribing and tapping the bell on other channels.

Just make sure notifications are turned on on your phone.

It's also helpful to teach your subscribers how to turn on notifications.

Lots of creators do this in a visual way, like making a video with screenshots.

Hey, you made it! We covered a lot in this series all the way from how the algorithm follows the audience to six key areas where videos can be discovered.

We hope this has helped you understand how YouTube works with the goal of giving your videos their best chance of success.

Otherwise, if you want to learn more remember to visit and subscribe to the YouTube Creator Academy channel.

And don't forget to tap the bell!

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