How YouTube Subscribers and the Subscriptions Tab Work (YouTube Tips)

Welcome to this series of videos about how YouTube Search and Discovery works.

In this one, let's talk about Subscribers and the Subscriptions tab.

Subscribers are viewers who like your videos enough to sign up for more.

They watch from all areas of the site and are often your biggest fans.

They also provide important initial signals to the life of a new video.

Separately, the Subscriptions tab shows a collection of videos from the channels a viewer is subscribed to.

This feed is a list of the most recent uploads from those channels.

Keep in mind, subscribers also see some subscription content on the home screen and in Suggested Videos.

So, how can you get your viewers to subscribe? Ask them to! Let them know that there will be more videos coming and when.

Try to ask them in a genuine way explaining both the benefits and how it supports you.

Subscribers are your core audience.

But keep in mind they're often subscribed to lots of other channels so it helps to make your videos public when your viewers are most likely watching.

You can take a look at your channel analytics for watch time by country or state to see when the best time slot might be.

I hope that helped you better understand Subscribers and the Subscriptions tab.

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